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 Nutrition Benefits of Hazelnuts:

 hazelnuts pack a large amount of valuable nutrients. The small snack nut provides multiple health benefits and disease reducing incentives with every serving that you consume.

Nutritional Content

Each one ounce serving size of hazelnuts contains healthy fats, a small amount of saturated fat, moderate protein, and a low amount of carbohydrates with fiber. Hazelnuts also have several vitamins and mineral nutrients that work in metabolic processes, heart disease prevention, bone formation and more.

Vitamin Content

Hazelnuts have adequate amounts of B Vitamins, largely responsible for proper metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and protein. Your body also receives energy through the consumption of the Vitamin B found in the small snack nut. A specific B vitamin found in hazelnuts called thiamin works to help regulate your nervous system and aid healthy muscle and cardiovascular health.


One small serving size of hazelnuts offers a near 20% of your recommended daily consumption of Vitamin E. This valuable vitamin and antioxidant eliminates free radicals within your body that have connections with causing cancer. As an essential nutrient, Vitamin E does not occur naturally in your body, meaning you have to consume the nutrient through food sources hazelnuts.

The Vitamin K in hazelnuts helps regulate blood clotting so that you do not encounter excessive bleeding when injured. The vitamin also works alongside other nutrients to form healthy bones, making hazelnuts a popular choice amongst osteoporosis patients.

Healthy Fats

Hazelnuts have nearly 13 grams of monounsaturated fat per every one ounce serving. Paired with the polyunsaturated fat, these healthy lipids work to reduce bad cholesterol, maintain healthy arteries, and improve overall heart health. Healthy fats have also been linked with lowering overall fat storages, known as triglycerides. This promotes more heart health and overall well being through weight management.

No Cholesterol or Sodium


Although hazelnuts only contain about 5 grams of protein per each one ounce serving size, they still act as a sufficient secondary source of the valuable macronutrient. Protein works to build healthy and lean muscle within your body, helping improve strength and durability. Try adding hazelnuts to salads or for side dishes to increase your overall protein consumption.







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