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Health Benefits of Cranberries:
Improve the body's circulatory system.
A daily glass of cranberry juice will treat diseases like cystitis.
Asthma Attack
To overcome an asthma attack, cranberries can be used. Crush the berries, boil it in distilled water and skin. This is effective relief from an attack since the berries contain active ingredients similar to drugs prescribed by your doctors to control asthma.
Urinary Tract Infection
As known, the juice has been long known to treat this disease. This is because the juice reduce the number of bacteria adhering to the body's urinary tract lining. A study among elderly patients suggested a 50% reduction
of infection among patients who drank 300 ml of cranberry juice everyday for over 6 months. A daily portion of cranberries would also help in treating the disease.
Reduces Cholesterol
Laboratory results have also shown that cranberry extract reduces the oxidation of "bad cholesterol". This helps promote healthy heart.
Prevent Ulcers
New studies have shown the ability of this fruit has the ability to prevent peptic ulcer by inhibiting the adhesion of bacteria to certain parts of the stomach.
An exciting new research has shown that cranberries could help protect the brain from neurological damage.

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